i’m finally drawing references for my fleshformer/shapeshifter OCs.
May i present you their “human”-forms where they tried to look as human as possible. apparently none of them is very talented. heh what a bunch of dorks. i love them.

drawing 3dmg is super annoying, so i stopped. orz

Yoooooo not sure if you needed any more encouraging to participate in the upcoming bottom!erwin week..? ;) Because yes. yes you should. I really love your art! It's inspiring. I'd like to be able to comment as my sideblog, which is my snk blog 'sennfan'.... sometimes I draw, was thinking of participating in the blog week with a friend, a pic/fic collab kind of thing... hope to see you there?! ;) aaahhh keep drawing ^////v////^

(ooooh i know that problem with sideblogs haha. I really wish i could change this one to my primary blog.)
That’s super sweet of you and thanks for all the kind words. I’m happy you like my work. ;V;
tbh i just don’t want to commit myself too much to it, so i won’t feel bad if i have no ideas / don’t finish everything in time. Let’s just see what happens. uvu

Have a wonderful day!

some super pointless snk doodles

Commission for thegadgetfish plus the pose suggestion sketches.
Thanks again! °V°

Berseck is good?

That’s a bit difficult to answer, since i don’t know what you like and i think everyone should judge for themselves.

I should mention though, that it contains alot of violence, sex and rape-scenes, blood and basically everything for an instant R-18. (Except dicks for some reason)
Let’s just say, i personally enjoy it alot visually and story-wise and would call it one of the best series in its genre. c:
Perhaps you want to watch the Golden Age Arc movies first, bc the manga is quite alot to read by now and the classic series might be too outdated considering animation. Unless you prefer manga over anime like me haha.
But as i said, judge for yourself. <3

I can’t draw Guts to save my life gdi. Have this doodle anyways, bc kings need crowns even if they’re only made of flowers. Heh who am i kidding, i just need to draw them cute and happy to soothe the pain. /lays down

warm-up speedpaint of my inactive character Bael bc i think i never drew him.

your art is actually gorgeous omg

dasjldl thank youuu ;V; I’m glad you like it! <3

oh look what i found: an old armin doodle from a few months back °V°
considering how often i’ve drawn him already it’s about time for bloody!Armin haha

swmtk said: oh gosh such cuties

lavenderisles  added: Ahhhh tzumi they are so beautiful!

huehuehue thank

finished some old sketches. Idk i was in the mood for cuties. Also it’s funny how i still haven’t found a way to draw Apoll, who is Noah’s character and exists for a couple of years by now.

You should totally participate omfg *__*

awh thank you ;V; Thing is, idk if i’ll have the time/ enough ideas. Eh, i suppose we’ll just see.
Have a nice day! <3

From the last livestream. I could spend alot more time with this but nah. (Also i knew bottomErwinweek would include bondage, i knew it! and i was thinking about participating and idk)

rejected stuff from when i was trying to get this right. (I don’t have anything finished to show atm and i still like her expression and sketches are interesting i think?)