Have some unfinished and p old Jinx painting, just so you know this blog isn’t dead yet. (I wish i could remember where i was going with this)

Remember when Wally hit the dancfloor completely drunk and pulled off the Flashdance chair/water scene? yeah me neither.

This is for Kage, bc we laugh about FLASH-dance for about 3yrs now and also bc she’s a great friend and i love her and i hope it helps a bit to wake up to something like this tomorrow.

Two doodles for the super lightning speed anon, who actually managed to write an ask before i deleted the reblog. c:
Don’t ask my why but my mind somehow connects that song to Jason. Hope you don’t mind.

"Was it worth it? I certainly don’t know anymore."

I took a very unexpected red card to the feels. Pls don’t mind the glowing eyes thing, i just really like to draw that. And in case you need sad background-music : here .

this blog is like 30% Berserk, 50% unfinished paintings and 20% crying rn

Two Berserk paintings which got stuck in my wip-folder for MONTHs now  and i’m honestly not sure if i’ll ever finish them



I am posting my reply to the previous photoset made by tzumi in a seperate post because I do not want to ruin the whole perfection of it with my long sentences. Also, I am sorry, I am going to reblog this photoset a few times - I want my blog to be filled with it, I want everyone to see it. This is, without doubt, the best gift I’ve ever received online. I couldn’t look at the photos without crying so I am sitting here in tears not knowing where to put my happiness.


Well, I’ve concealed a little part of it in my gadgets right away.


I am at a complete loss…I knew you guys would make a great cosplay, tzumi, noah but I never imagined it to be so amazing. wow, weh, I just don’t know! I just don’t. Oh god, i can’t write without looking at the photos again and bursting into tears and this is going to be long.

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Just look how perfect milky is!!!!! I never was so happy in my whole life about a cosplay. Bc this time it didn’t just made myself happy but also managed to make another person happy to the core. Miljy it was an honour to cosplay one of your babies

I’m not even remotely sorry for spamming some dashboards with this, bc damn i’m happy and it was indeed an honour to cosplay Gloomy and everything is like 50% tears of joy and 100000% happiness rn and excuse me while i go rolling around on my bed bc jfc this is the best day of my life

Photos : Bambi ▪ Gloomy : me ▪ Soki : Noah
Soki and Gloomy are from Milky's Webcomic “Friends ‘Till Death”

I’m almost a bit sorry for these giant ass photosets, but Bambi took just way too perfect photos. ;V;

Photos & Edit by me ▪ Charlotte: Pale ▪ Griffith : Noah

I’m legit swooning over these perfect people

Photos & Edit by me ▪ Casca : Pollux ▪ Griffith : Noah

Super pretty friends ;V;

So, I’m halfway back from Convention and rl stuff and you really should prepare for Cosplay picture spam. Bc dang my friends are pretty and i’m kinda proud of the pictures/cosplay. °V°
I’ll be tagging it #Connichi2k14 in case you want to block it.




From the last livestream.

Why are you crying, Dickie? And is that a crushed flower in your hand?

Those are feathers from wings I believe. Probably Robin’s wings.


Well this is what surely DIDN’t happen.
(Tbh all these interpretations in the captions and tags are very close. But just make up your own context. It’s most likely alot more interesting than my idea and definitely more fun. c: )

quick and messy Gloomy (and somehow Soki) doodle before bed to celebrate that i’m almost finished with the Cosplay.
These cuties belong to Milky. (Go forth and check out her art. °0°)

From the last livestream.

More dragon gijinka doodles. I’m having way too much fun with this.