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More dragon gijinka doodles. I’m having way too much fun with this.

I was trying to doodle an unflattering selfportrait and making friends with the hard round default brush on 100% opacity. surprisingly i like the result.
Also, Hello and thanks for following. I hope you have a wonderful day filled with many things and experiences you like.

Isn’t he a lovely little demon jesus

Both arts are wonderful *gasp* I suck at computer graphics :( wish I can learn it quick

Thank you. °v°
I’m afraid there is no quick way to learn anything though. It’s all hours and hours and years of practise. But hey, you will always improve eventually. So, don’t say your digital art sucks. It’s simply still in the process of growing.

Have a nice day!

I have zero ideas right now and i’m not gonna lie, i just wanted to feel a little bit better about my art.
Drew the first one about two years ago. [ original post ]

oh look what i completely forgot about. Not much improvement from this WIP here, but i declare this finished bc reasons.

some pretty much failed Berserk doodles. Also i think Guts’ true power is no facial-/body hair whatsoever. Like dude wakes up perfectly shaved EVERYWHERE & ALL THE TIME. (I really like drawing men with messy hair and stubble though.)

sometimes i animate stuff for my tumblr layout. °V°

All my files are named blergh lately. (Actually this was supposed to be a part of the Frigid Floes from the Southern Icefields from FR. But doesn’t really matter tbh.)

I’m sorry for the lack of updates. Just in case you’re interested, i’m posting really terrible doodles at Instagram though.

I finished watching Monster.

more dragon gijinka nonsense stuffed into a single photoset for your convenience. The character with the pearl is Kage's.

Casca GangAU version speedpaint, bc i can’t finish the first drawing to save my life omg. Perhaps it’s just bc i was trying too hard to make it match the Griffith&Guts version idk. / lays down

Making a FR account was a terrible mistake.

gdi every time