I finished watching Monster.

more dragon gijinka nonsense stuffed into a single photoset for your convenience. The character with the pearl is Kage's.

Casca GangAU version speedpaint, bc i can’t finish the first drawing to save my life omg. Perhaps it’s just bc i was trying too hard to make it match the Griffith&Guts version idk. / lays down

Making a FR account was a terrible mistake.

gdi every time

I have no excuse except i really like drawing human versions of non-human League champions.

ibjyngs said: senpai teach me your ways

Stop giving a fuck, draw the fuck(ing).

Just in case you were wondering who’s running this blog and currently drawing porn.

Let’s just say i wanted to try out classical light-compositions.

I’M BACK BABY! (Also I’m trying to summon Cthulhu or at least a Kraken, but it hasn’t worked yet.)


i need tzumi

Here i am. How may I be of service?

Some enviromental attempts i found in my sketchfolder. Hello this blog isn’t dead yet.

If you can't or just don't want to draw them it's totally fine. I'd really appreciate it if you did though.

Heyhey, i hope you don’t mind me publishing this.

But i somehow feel like i should tell everyone interested that i would LOVE to draw right now and share stuff and all.
Yet my laptop is needed until 27th june (and i only managed to snatch it tonight for even more work stuff OTL) for an installation thingy i’ve been working on for the past month.

Buuuuuuut afterwards i think i’ll need at least a whole day of just mindless drawing and i’m super flattered you took the time to write me and i hope i’m not too late with this answer. ;v;
Well, see you soon and i hope you have a great day! <3

Posting this bc i don’t wanna be late and i might regret it soon.
Idk may the void family be in the mafiaAu too? (Suqling’s MafiaAu if you haven’t seen it already.) I mean i know it’s basically just Frejlord, but still. The Void-bbys are always so left out. ;V;
Maybe with Cho as an ambassador and the others just kind of hang around him and they talk funny and nobody really knows what they do nor where they really from and sometimes Kassadin grabs strangers and mouths silently helpMEEee but they don’t understand. Also i have no idea how to draw Kha’zix’ hair. Or how to include Vel’koz. All i can think of is one of those corgi-cats and everyone finds him really cute but in fact he’s kind of the most demonic cat ever??
(Nah this is all just a terrible excuse for drawing human versions)

thegadgetfish said: "This video is private." :(

oops sorry. And that’s why i’m not allowed anywhere videos 8,D
Thanks for pointing it out.